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Boat security systems and monitoring/tracking packages for boats of all makes and sizes

Interested in a Security System for Your Boat?

MarineGuard offers :


  • Convenient, pre-packaged security systems for boat owners.
  • Ability to purchase individual security components allowing professional installers and boat owners to customize their boat alarms.
  • Ability to monitor water levels in the bilge.  With boat theft on the rise, marine security is a high priority for boat owners; however, even more boats are lost each year because they sink at dock or mooring.  MarineGuard security systems can monitor the water level in the bilge as an important prevention measure.
  • After-hours technical support.  MarineGuard staff place a high priority on customer service and support particularly during product installation.
  • Ability to provide notification of alarm conditions to a cell phone, blackberry, computer or pager.
  • Professional central station monitoring.  Our central station provides monitoring 24/7 providing prompt notification of alarm conditions.
  • Ability to track the position of a boat if it is moved whether is becomes loose from its mooring during a storm or is stolen while at dock or on a trailer.  GPS tracking can be done using either cell or satellite transmission.
  • Web-based monitoring/tracking services for individuals who want internet access to their cellular/satellite monitoring/tracking account.

For Boat Owners

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For Professional Installers

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