MarineGuard Network
Located on the eastern end of Long Island, MarineGuard Network offers  security solutions for boats of all sizes.  Our boat alarm systems are designed for marine applications; they are not retrofitted residential security systems or car alarms.  The control panel is potted with epoxy to protect the components and then mounted in a weather-resistant NEMA III box.  The Deck Sensors use marine-grade wiring.  The receivers, contacts and other security items are coated wit hHumiseal to protect them from corrosion.

Each year, an ever-growing number of boat owners trust MarineGuard boat alarms to protect their vessels.  When installed according to manufacturer's specifications, Sure Action's MarineGuard boat alarms provide a false-alarm free experience with little to no maintenance required.

MarineGuard also offers cellular and satellite GPS reporting/tracking services that enable boat owners to be notified if problems arise on their boat and track their boat should it be stolen.

MarineGuard Network is a subsidiary of Sure Action Inc., the only manufacturer to successfully develop the Pulsor stress sensor, a security device that mounts under flooring or boat decking to provide invisible, reliable, unparalleled security detection.

In 1990, the MarineGuard product line was developed to fill a need in the marine industry.  As boat theft increased worldwide, reliable security devices that could withstand the harsh marine environment and not be falsely activated by a boat's movement on the water or against a dock, were not available on the market.  Austin and Trent Stack recognized that the Pulsor could be adapted to withstand marine conditions and was ideal for the boating application.

In 1991, Sure Action introduced its MarineGuard product.  In 2007, MarineGuard introduced its 5th generation of MarineGuard security products.  All MarineGuard control panels are coated with a weather protector and all Deck Sensors (marine version of the Pulsor) are sealed and use marine-grade wire.

In a world where products are designed to have a short shelf life, Sure Action and MarineGuard products continue to be designed with longevity in mind.  Our MarineGuard products are epoxied or coated with a weather-proofing sealant to protect components from sunlight, wind, rain, saltwater and more.

About the Owners, Austin and Diane Stack
Austin's passion for the security industry began in 1973 when he and his brother, Bob, lost their office supply store to fire.  Needing to support their families, Bob went into the Merchant Marines while Austin started Radio Surveillance, an alarm installation company, in the basement of his home.  He built their security company in the Hamptons by installing  home alarms at a time when residential intruder alarms were not the norm.  In time Austin and Bob grew their business to include a 24-hour manned central station and guard service.  Radio Surveillance became the largest residential security company in the Hamptons.  It was a multi-million dollar company when it was sold in 1985.

In 1989, Austin and Diane Stack  purchased the rights to the Pulsor, a unique stress detector that had been the primary product used in Radio Surveillance's home alarms.  When Austin was installing alarms, he discovered that no other product compared with the Pulsor for stability, dependability and convenience.  And his high-end clientele wanted home alarms that were convenient and maintenance-free.  Austin and Diane took the Pulsor global and Sure Action Inc. began it's journey.

Boating is one of Austin's favorite pastimes.  He is a tinkerer and he soon discovered that the Pulsor was a perfect match for the marine industry.  Numerous megayachts and historical boats have Pulsors (marine-verison is the Deck Sensor) installed on them, both as a security component and as a trigger for other security and home automation functions.  Sure Action created MarineGuard to meet the needs of these high-end boat security installers and to bring the stability and dependability of the Pulsor to boater's with various types of vessels. 

Austin lives on a canal where he docks his 16' Winstar Bowrider  .  He enjoys spending time taking his grandchildren out on the Peconic Bay each summer.