MarineGuard Cellular GPS Tracking/Reporting as Added Security for Your Vessel 

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Option 2: Cellular GPS Tracking/Reporting Services

With MarineGuard's GPS Cellular Services, you have:

  • Coverage available in the United States and Canada as long as there is AT&T service.  Check under 3g data.
  • Access to an online account through which you can remotely check the status of your boat. 
  • Receive regular reports on your boat's status.  Reports include the status of each security zone (see boat alarm packages), status of alarm system, status of power to the system, and GPS coordinates.
  • Remotely verify your boat's position.  This safety feature designed to allow you or a designee track your boat if you own a fleet, rent your vessel, let friends and family borrow it, or if you spend days at a time out on the water. 
  • Receive notification to your cell phone, iPad, or computer if the alarm system triggers or if your boat is moved from its mooring or on its trailer.
  • Track your boat if it is stolen.  You will receive a report of your boat's position (latitude, longitude, speed and direction) every 15 minutes while the vessel is moving.
  • Ability to add professional central station monitoring to your coverage.  With central station monitoring, your boat's   

If you do not travel more than 8 miles offshore or if your boat is located in an area  where AT&T cell phone coverage is available, then MarineGuard's GPS Cellular Service is the choice for you.

To Order MarineGuard's GPS Cellular Tracking/Reporting Services

You will need to purchase a cellular transmitter with GPS capabilities:

  • MGR-GPS: MarineGuard Cellular GPS Transmitter

and subscribe to a tracking/reporting service.

These features come standard in our satellite tracking/reporting services:

  • Access to an online account where you can review boat's status and see boat's movement on a map;
  • Receive an automatic report every 5 days providing an update on the status of the boat's security system, gps information on the boat's location, and status of the security systems power supply (if low).
  • Receive an update every 15 minutes with GPS coordinates every 15 minutes if your boat is moved from its mooring or on its trailer.  (The alarm system must be activated for this service to function.)
  • Receive an automatic report with GPS coordinates when boat is moving.  Frequency is determined by the level of service you choose  (see below).
  • Have the ability from your online account, to manually poll your boat.  When you poll your boat, you will receive a report showing the security system's status and the boat's location.  Each poll costs $0.50.
  • Have the ability to add two optional services:  (1) remote arming/disarming of the security system; and (2) professional central station monitoring.  (see below)

Reporting/Tracking services to choose from:

  •  MGM-GC1:  GPS Cell 1 - Monitors security and/or bilge.  Reports system status every 5 days. 
  • MGM-GC2:  GPS Cell 2 - Monitors security and/or bilge.  Reports system status every 5 days.  Plus, reports system arming and disarming.

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